Perfect. I could begin and end this post with that one single word. Honestly, I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate my Gertrude Streetscape etching than with Aesop Smith Street Fitzroy.

My work hanging inside ‘my’ local Aesop store that’s in ‘my’ neighbourhood with ‘my’ divine Gertrude Street community. There we all were, celebrating a street that is common to all of us, a very unique street and what I would call a very unique community. The creative exchange was felt everywhere, and for me it felt as though I was giving back to something I treasure very much, ‘my’ Gertrude Street.

But it wasn’t just the night that was ‘perfect’, it was also the process of the collaboration and the way it was handled by the divine team at Aesop. I felt treasured from the start, my artwork valued, the creative exchange here was clearly equal and both parties were honoured to participate. This will be a highlight event in Theo’s and my life and I will forever be grateful and searching for this kind of ‘art’ respect.

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Thank you: My Theo, Nina, Andrew Gunnell, Dennis & Sophia, Aesop Smith St, Gabriela, Catherine, Elizabeth, Tanja, Rose, Peter & Jacinta, Mum Dora & Dad Sam for the olives, and photographer Claire Summers.