(Detailed image of San Giorgio dei Greci, Venezia.)

Well, that’s life. The perfect storm comes along and forces you to change all your plans.

I’ve had great experience cancelling big plans and learned to be very adaptable. Emotionally, I’ve also learned to deal with these situations by planning something bigger and better ahead.

And that I have.

So, I won’t be exhibiting at Queenscliff Gallery (QG) in July with the wonderful David Frazer, but I promise there will be an exhibition, and I plan to make it worth the wait.

I’m happy with the chance to refine my plans more – time is a great asset to making art. It is like, ‘How long is a piece of string?’ The more time you have, the more you use it, but also, a great saying goes, make the work first and then seek the exhibition. Working to a deadline can be good and bad.

I’ll be in touch again with more news. I hope you like the preview of my work in progress and the moment of refinement. Now that I have the time, I’m being brutal and courageous with edits…