By |2021-10-10T20:47:36+11:00August 9, 2017|Me, Painting, Portraits, Studio|

Church mezzanine studio corner Pending, suspended in the air feels appropriate right now while Theo and I settle into our new life in Queenscliff. I'm upstairs in my new corner studio. I've opted for a small contained space... just until I get on my feet. [...]


By |2018-03-07T14:19:13+11:00October 25, 2015|Exhibition, Me, Printmaking|

Magical! My first ever invitation to a Print Exchange. Thank you Rona Green and thank you Theo for editioning my 50+ prints. What happens in a Print Exchange? Artists are invited to interpret the exhibition theme in any way they feel. A payable fee covers advertising material, framing, exhibition expenses and - the best bit - an archival box for each artist containing [...]

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