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May 2023

Here and There, the Opening

It was fabulous. Super fabulous! I can't thank everyone enough for visiting and supporting me through this exciting time, and for the divine patrons for all the dots - there were many! So many, I've flung myself right back into Venice in the studio - but it's looking [...]

March 2023

Soula Mantalvanos Celebrates the Beauty of Venice

Q: What were some of the foundation ideas for this exhibition project? A: If I had to use one word, it would be ‘place’. And the relationship with it; what it means when you’re in it, how it impacts you when you’re away from it, what resonates after you’ve visited or lived in it. Perhaps it’s also respecting a place – I absolutely love Venice. But maybe also, I’m simply doing the artist thing; travelling, documenting, and communicating because that is a beautiful thing to do.

January 2023

September 2022

October 2021

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