I am a very fortunate popet when it comes to media. The Greek community have been a huge support, especially the Greek papers and the Greek Australian Cultural League.

Here’s the most recently published article in The Greek Herald, published in Greek and English. And look at me as a front-page snippet – it just makes you want to turn the page, doesn’t it (ha, ha!)?

(Published in The Greek Herald, 24/11/2023)

Soula Mantalvanos: Bridging art and design in Melbourne’s creative landscape

Soula Mantalvanos is a passionate artist and designer whose journey weaves through the realms of design and the visual arts. Soula’s story unfolds against the backdrop of a diverse career that reflects her love for artistic expression.

Soula’s professional journey can be traced to her role as the creative director of OoI Creative Communications, a design company co-owned with her husband, Theo. This venture not only allowed her to contribute to the design landscape but also provided a platform to showcase her art in various Melbourne galleries. More recently, she founded My Health Story, a health tech solution for people with chronic illnesses.

Soula’s artistry covers multiple mediums. From quick sketches to works in acrylic and oils, she explores various printmaking forms, and the ancient paint technique of egg tempera – a love introduced by her Cypriot heritage. Her artistic repertoire is a testament to her versatility in exploring diverse artistic methods.

Soula’s artistic themes draw inspiration from the eccentric, whimsical, historic building facades, and quaint streetscapes. These subjects serve as a canvas for expressing her cultural heritage, travel and personal life experience, including the challenges of living with chronic pain (www.pudendalnerve.com.au).

Through her art, Soula invites viewers into a world shaped by her unique perspective and life experiences. A significant chapter in Soula’s artistic journey involves a sea change from Melbourne to the Bellarine Peninsula. Here, Soula and Theo co-direct The Queenscliff Gallery (QG).

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