Project Description

A few works have amounted to form a conversation! And I’m happy to say I felt the work was ready for a frame and to be included in the upcoming summer exhibition, Wonderment at Queenscliff Gallery (QG).
QG heads into the next phase in 2020 – more focused exhibitions are being planned for represented artists. As the director of the gallery, mine (and Theo’s) mission is to earn a living, and equally assist in helping artists do the same. It would take a great deal of work -– and confidence in that work, for me to assign one of these limited opportunities to myself.
Not sure when my work will see the walls again but having taken many years to make these few pieces, I have learned to love working slowly and welcome the ease from pressure. Waiting for the works to choose their time to see the world and form a connection with other works is all part of the exhibiting artist’s process after all.
This girl has finally learned to make art slow and let it form its own story slow. Wondrous!

Exhibition dates: Nov 29 — Feb 23, 2019
Official opening: Dec 1 from 3pm

Exhibiting artists: Antonio Balletta, Christine Gibson, Lizzie Horne, Hyun Ju Kim, Deborah Klein, Michael Leunig, Soula Mantalvanos, David Moore, Geoffrey Ricardo, John Ryrie and Lucinda Tanner

Step into the personal world of the artist with this year’s summer exhibition, Wonderment. Join Deborah Klein, John Ryrie, Lucinda Tanner and more, as they invite us on a journey to take a closer look at life and venture beneath the surface.

Spanning multiple landscapes and continents, stories and characters, this collection of artworks encourages the role of the spectator, with its suggestion that things may not entirely be what they seem.