Project Description

It’s great having design experience.
ooi provided me with diverse briefs and such wonderful clients. To this day, Theo and I apply the same conceptual ‘art and design’ approach with everything we do at Queenscliff Gallery (QG).
Falling straight back into our rhythm, we set ourselves the brief, step into the customer’s shoes and work toward a solution – whether it be a flyer, website, exhibition or new business brand.
It’s been more than three years since we opened QG and during this time we have learned alot about our visitors, patrons, our local community and the artists who exhibit with us.
Gathering the feedback from visitors and gallery connections, information from sales and our social media/marketing, and adding our personal style and alot of instinct, we curate exhibitions, events and make opportunities for QG. Our aim is that these ideas enhance the experience for anyone who comes into any type of contact with QG – physical or online.
I thought it was about time I took a step forward and made a post about the events I’ve curated with Theo as I’m feeling this is well worthy of showing as part of my creative portfolio.
It’ll also explain why I’ve not been able to make alot of personal artwork!