Project Description

My last trip to Venice continues to feed me with inspiration.

It’s been quite a while between etchings. Any potential studio time has been going to curating and managing the media for Queenscliff Gallery (QG). Of course, I love the QG work, so it was the design work I had to give up – exceptional design opportunities will only be considered now.

The design work is incorporated in the curation and media for QG anyway, so I still get to scratch that creative itch. I still also have my personal projects, My Health Story and my advocacy –  I’m feeling quite fulfilled creatively.

So back to the copper, I go!

Below are also some new etchings (completed on my return) and a watercolour and sketches (completed in Venice) which I framed for my exhibition Here and There but decided not to include. Instead, I hung the drawings in the QG Vestibule as an added touch to greet visitors on the way in/out.