Project Description

Client: Hellenic Republic Restaurant
Brief: An interior wall mural painted with the egg tempera technique, of St. George at the Hellenic Republic Restaurant by Soula (and much help from Theo).
Outcome: St. George as planned with two extra olive trees that wrapped around the walls.

Extract from my diary: St.George, the last day September 9th, 2009

It’s done, it’s over! Oh how terribly sad. I’m so lonely today, there’s no one around and not a smell worth wiffing! Time to clean the brushes…

… and thank many people (tune out if you don’t like speeches!).

EVERYONE who cooks, helps, manages, is in the office, delivers goods, dines and directs the incredible Hellenic Republic, I cannot thank you enough for making this one of the best life experiences for me (and Theo). Extra warm thanks to the gorgeous chefs who stacked the water boxes at a height so I could work, who cooked and worked around me and even moved marble tables for me to stand on. Huge thanks to the administration staff for their great coffees, wonderful smiles, laughs, welcoming comments, corridor chats and food offerings every single day. The waiting staff (super humans) that work so hard to make their guests so comfortable while dodging me in the corridor, who also made us coffee before we even asked for it, served us drinks and food at the bar like we were family and kept their gorgeous smiles on their faces THE WHOLE EXHAUSTING TIME. And last but not least… the darling person who steered this project from the start and made it a reality for me (in amongst running the whole restaurant), you know how very dear and special you now are to both Theo and I FOREVER.

Of course to the directors, George and George, your passion is truly an inspiration. It made working on this mural so enjoyable and such a pleasure. To have my work live in your home and be appreciated by such wonderful people is the ultimate. Halali (that’s a greek word!) for every extra detail and leaf I could not stop myself from painting.

And no, I didn’t go into a mushy thanks for Theo as I didn’t think you’d want to read it. Truth be told however, I could not have painted this without his help.

And finally…

…When I first started this project I mentioned I felt like I had gone over a Hellenic rainbow. I’m happy to say I was spot on!