Project Description

I’m not sure how this happened but Theo’s portraits crept into what was going to be another portrait of Ms Soula. So now I’m not sure if this is a portrait or a still life. Perhaps it’s a bit of both, or is it a portrait with portraits of Theo!
I wanted to give Ms Soula something more substantial to sit on rather than leave that detail ambiguous as in the last portrait, Self Portrait, Art & Chronic Pain. One detail seemed to draw the need for the other. I began with the journal Ms Soula is sitting on, then added the wooden Ex Libris set of draws, and before I knew it, the two portraits I painted of Theo many years ago also appeared. It does make sense to include these portraits of Theo, in reality Theo is such a huge support always looking out for when I might need his help… it’s a very telling piece of my pain situation and the way both Theo and I approach it.
So, is this a still life or a portrait? To be honest, it doesn’t matter either way to me… I’m just doing the painting!