Project Description

How happy was I to hear from this beautiful crew again? It was my absolute pleasure painting St George at Hellenic Republic Brunswick years ago.
This time, Made Establishment had an idea for a food map that not only depicted the origin of various foods but one that also reflected George’s heritage.
It was fun meeting up and throwing the ideas around, there’s so much energy when you work with this group.
Given painting on site would have been an issue now I live in Queenscliff and my limitations are still quite great, working straight on the wall would have been difficult. However, given the idea was all about a map, the paste up solution was actually very appropriate.
Theo prepped the canvases for me and once again I worked in egg tempera – a beloved medium. It was simple to work this way as I painted on various size canvases wherever I could knowing the artwork was going to be photographed and then manipulated and put together in photoshop. This made it really easy to show variations and move the detailed ‘pull outs’ of Italy, Cyprus, Egypt and Crete.
The options remain a plenty now, in fact before the map was installed today, a request for a second map was made for Hellenic Republic, Brighton.

Huge thanks to:

Jason Buesst, George Calombaris, Travis McCauley, Greg Ho (photography), and THEO!
I’m also ever grateful to my art and design experience and how it continues to come together in my day-to-day life.