Study has been wonderful with Jeff Makin for many reasons, and I intend to resume with it just as soon as I have some reliable capacity so I’m not throwing out my luscious paint and having to clean brushes for a few minutes of activity!

One of the very enjoyable aspects of study has been revisiting simplicity. Keep it simple Jeff says and then begins to look around my studio for objects that will become the next still life arrangement. Knowing this task was coming up, I went through Mum and Dad’s house for simple pieces gathering an old Johnson’s Baby Powder tin (yes mine), a 1950’s peppercorn grinder, Dad’s Old Spice after shave bottle, etc etc. But nope, they were still a little too prepared! Jeff’s simple ended up being right unde my nose. I hesitated… don’t like painting black but you don’t get a choice with homework which was another aspect of study I loved, I got out of my comfort zone and pushed my boundaries. I was pleasantly surprised.