There’s something really great about being an artist and experiencing a time where you can work without influence.

I am experiencing that pleasure right now and exploring what it is I would like to focus on to amount a body of work that is unrelated to my last 7.5 years of pained life.

My artworks of the last years have been quite erratic subject wise. Certainly nothing like the bodies of work (pre fall to my backside), of French Facades and portraits of Lynn Savery. But I’ve only just returned to a state where I can rely on myself and make long-term plans rather than exercise fleeting challenges on widespread 15 minute blocks of capacity that saw more paint wasted than paintings created.

I’m looking forward to the next few months of exploration and am happy not to know where I’m headed or what the completed body of work will be. I’m also looking forward to a few special visitors who have happily accepted to sit for me while in Tasmania.

Currently my print work is represented by Port Jackson Press and Rathdowne Galleries and a few remaining Winter Light pieces are available at The Convent Daylesford.

My contact with Tasmanian galleries has begun and I am hopeful I will have some great news to share before I leave this divine place.

Hope you enjoyed another #ooitasmania post.