Full Design Files post: thedesignfiles.net

Excerpt from Origin of Image (OoI) newsletter June 2013
Photos: Sean Fennessy.

You all might recall that in our first OoI news edition we were renovating. Well, we are very excited to announce we have completed the renovations and the live, work, play lifestyle in the fields of art and design, is proving to be quite a lovely.

Not playing down the hourly difficulties and demands of chronic pain, we are learning enough to treat and manage Soula’s issue.

Feeling we had wrapped up a large building stage of our lives, we sought a little voice that could communicate our happy message. That ‘little’ voice arrived in the most creative form of Lucy Feagins from Australia’s Design Files.

This post didn’t only fulfill our ‘wrap up’ but it was like an induction into a hard working community of Australian artisans. The Design Files, to us, is an inspiring, energising resource of creatives that we look up to. To now be included amongst them is somewhat thrilling.