Project Description

Make a Wish For Greece sadly left unattended by the organisers, Santorini Biennale of Arts.

Poster 1

Greece… there is a way out. Soula Mantalvanos

Whilst I believe Greece is solely responsible for its current economic state, I have much hope there is a solution. I chose the ancient Greek meander symbol and made it a complex labyrinth, one that Greece needs to work its way out of. I wish for Greece to find the exit, it exists.

Poster 2

Untitled. Soula Mantalvanos

A simple graphic showing my belief that Greece can rise from its fall, and indeed back to its great historic stature.

Poster 3

Rebuild. Soula Mantalvanos & Amanda Cole

Ancient ruins are so valuable, each piece treasured and significant. Currently Greece appears broken but we strongly believe that piece by piece,  the value holds and a rebuild is possible.