Project Description

Finally, I’m paying appropriate homage to my home town. A huge thanks to Theo for preparing, etching and also editioning my plates… I can finally realise this art dream.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved producing and printing my Paris facades, and if I lived in Paris I’d never be bored continuing the subject, but the time came for me to realise the beautiful facades and streets I live amongst in my own home town. Once again I’m so grateful for the help to make this art dream come true. Printmaking is no short or simple process. Drawing on these plates was such a small part of this time-consuming medium. Oh how I miss the production, but let me just focus on what I can achieve instead of what I can’t.

Available at: Queenscliff Gallery (QG) 81 Hesse Street Queenscliff 3225 Vic | 03 4202 0942 |

Plate size: 100 x 125mm Paper size: 210 x 297mm
Flowers Vasette (Brunswick St). Edition of 30 $250
Little Smith St. Edition of 30 $250
Pelligrini’s (Bourke St). Edition of 30 $250
Self Preservation (Bourke St). Edition of 30 $250
The Mess Hall (Bourke St). Edition of 30 $250
The Paperback Bookshop (Bourke St). Edition of 30 $250
Mario’s. Edition of 30 $250
La Niche (Smith St). Edition of 30 $250