Project Description

The only affiliation I ever had with Queenscliff was when I was a finalist in the Borough’s 150th anniversary art award. Theo and I had a wonderful time during the stay but it never crossed my mind that in under four years I would call this Bellarine town my home.

Home is a big word. And it takes alot to make ‘home’ but I’m feeling both Theo and I have begun the process… just!

Almost two years after leaving the sanctuary that will be registered in our head as the best home setup for quite some time, our feet are feeling like they’re on familiar ground and our church gallery┬ásave every day. I wake up knowing what the day might bring – no longer feeling lost in my surrounds and unfamiliar with my community. My new line of ‘work’ proving to suit my abilities (or lack of).

Queenscliff is a pretty unique place. Some very exceptional people live here in some pretty amazing places – my love for eccentricity will remain alive here.

Regardless of feeling that life is still transforming, I felt good about paying homage to this new ‘homey’ place and documenting Queenscliff’s beautiful heritage streetscape. This is what I love to do anywhere where I become attached to facades so even though this streetscape probably doesn’t hold as much ‘home’ essence in its pavement as my Gertrude Streetscape does, it still warranted address and I’m very happy with it.

Hesse Streetscape

Edition of 12: Single prints (8 editions available), West set of 4 prints (2 editions available), East set of 4 prints (2 editions available), West & East set of 8 prints (2 editions)
Printer: Theo Mantalvanos
Publisher: Queenscliff Gallery (QG)
Sales: QG 81 Hesse Street Queenscliff 3225 Vic | 03 4202 0942 |

Hesse Street West (Queenscliff)

Hesse Street East (Queenscliff)