Editions #1 celebrates Penny Contemporary’s support of fresh international and interstate talent to Hobart and our continuing support of the Tasmanian and Hobart arts community.

The exhibition showcases artists from Tasmania, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Chicago across a wide range of media and material.

Editions #1 is neutrally titled to reflect the artists’ autonomy on the works they create.


Laura E. KENNEDY Tasmania
Meg COWELL Melbourne
Lisa LAPOINTE Sydney
Camilla TAYLOR Las Angeles
Soula MANTALVANOS Melbourne
Kate McCARTHY Tasmania
Stefan POPESCU Sydney
Eva NILSSEN Tasmania
Nigel SENSE Sydney
Presley PAGET Chicago
Zac HENDERSON Tasmania
Jennifer MAGNO Tasmania
Dane CHISHOLM Tasmania

Curated by Laura E. Kennedy and Kate McCarthy
www.pennycontemporary. com. au

6 FEB until 3 MAR, 2015
187 Liverpool St Hobart 7001