(Written 1 year later!)

I had an absolutely glorious 50th. With all the social media outlets, I neglected writing a post about my special occasion on my own website. With this freshen up of the website, it is an optimum excuse to create the post now.

This event is a significant one – not just because I marked my 50 years of life but because so much changed since that day. Just one year later and the world is far from how we knew it. Special celebrations, gatherings and outings with groups in prominent locations have taken on a whole new meaning with CV-19 entering our lives.

A weekend that will never be forgotten for me and that now, one year later, marks more than my 50th birthday.

Images: My beautiful immediate family (minus my in-laws who were unable to make it sadly) in front of my favorite painting, The Banquet of Cleopatra by Giambattista Tiepolo. Exquisite self-portraits gifts from Theo by painted by Jim Pavlidis